Our goals

We lead fun activities and games for a parent and their children (up to age 16). The activities and games promote communication skills, responsibility and confidence. The activities are based in the outdoors e.g. a local country park and are held over 2 or 3 days. The activities are simple and fun and with the guidance of Activities4u2 leaders are delivered to make sure that the pace and timing is appropriate to the age group.

What we provide

The participants will be picked up and dropped off by minibus by Activities4u2 and be provided with lunch and any other clothing or equipment they need. A 3 day programme will involve 2 days based locally and a third based further afield which will involve an overnight stay.

Follow up

Our web site can be used as a password protected notice board for the groups so they can access photos of their days out. With agreement it can provide a way to let parents contact others in their group so they can perhaps meet up again. It will also be a place that families can post information about trips/ activities they have enjoyed.

Activities4u2 has been set up by Andy Johnstone and Ian Goode