Ian Goode
Ian Goode

I have been involved in providing activities either indoor or out door to many groups and individuals over the last 25 yrs. In my formative years I spent a significant time rock climbing across the UK and Europe, and then developed an interest in teaching others in a range of outdoor pursuits.

In moving around centres and organisations I had the privilege to work with many individuals and groups ranging from partially sighted adults and under privileged children to management groups.

I am still keen in out door activities but am less active and now spend more time with my 9 yr old son camping, fishing and cycling. For the moment anyway….with the odd adventure with friends.

I now work mainly in an office environment supporting others in developing sustainable and effective childcare services.

I see Activities4U2 as a great and exciting way of supporting others in developing ideas about games about playing and about having fun I hope that some of you will join us on one of our activity sessions.


I am on the left of this picture !

Andy Johnstone
Andy Johnstone
I have worked in outdoor activities for 17 years.  In that time I have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of adults and children in a variety of locations including Morocco, Europe, Australia, as well as Britain.  I am currently teaching as well as leading groups on trips and spending my time with my two boys who are 8 and 3.

I was particularly keen to set up an activity programme aimed at families as I know it is a good way for adults and kids to have a great time as well as getting to know each other better by working together.  Organising, running and getting the feedback from the family activities has been a highlight of my outdoor career.  Our programme is designed to be fun, flexible to all locations, and be a catalyst for families to meet, get to know one another and go and do their own thing together once they have been on some of our activity days.  I Hope we see you soon.


A wet day in the highlands… still, Joe looks happy